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Wealth Building

Wealth building will not result from one or two single activities, nor will it result from just buying a stock or two.


It is a purposeful construct of thought and mindset together with a lifestyle of deliberate and dedicated steps from informed financial decisions and opportunities.


It requires discipline, consistency and delayed gratification in many instances. It includes taking risks and learning from mentors and money experts that will coach you to your end goal.


Contact a Keybase Financial Advisor today and start the wealth-building conversation. The earlier you chart your
financial path the greater the possibilities.

4 Pillars - Easy to Understand

Planning for Income

  • Set realistic but aggressive financial goals
  • Construct your portfolio to achieve those goals
  • Stick to the plan, but create room to pivot
  • Work with a result-oriented Financial Advisor

Creating Income

  • Do not rely on just your typical 9 to 5 job
  • Create passive income streams – make money while you sleep
  • Create multiple income streams (economies of scale)

Protecting Income

  • Invest wisely – send your money to work for you
  • Do not be afraid of calculated risks
  • Understand the power of Compound Interest


  • Proper Debt Management – avoid consumer debts
  • Get Insurance – coverage is critical
  • Implement sound Tax Strategies
  • Setting up relevant Trust Accounts

Invest Today For Your Tomorrow

Deciding to get an early start on the wealth-building journey is likely one of the most rewarding financial decisions you could make. Do not make the mistake of waiting years for that seven-figure paying job, or waiting on inheritances or settlements before saving or investing your first dollar. Start today.


In basic terms, this is how you build wealth:

  • Planning Income / Returns
  • Creating Income / Returns
  • Multiplying Income / Returns
  • Protecting Income / Returns
Together, we will help choose the right investment strategy for you.


  • Always Pay Yourself First
  • Avoid Consumer Debt
  • Keep Reviewing your Financial Habits

Managing These Costs

  • The Value of Advice
  • Power of Compound Interest
  • Mind Hacks of Successful People