About Us - Vision

Simple Vision.
Big Dreams.

Simple Vision. Big Dreams.

Founder and CEO of Keybase Financial Group, Dax Sukhraj, had one simple vision in mind when he opened the doors over 20 years ago.


Help Canadians build and preserve their personal wealth by helping them to reach their financial dreams and aspirations.


Our goal at Keybase Financial Group has and will continue to provide our clients with a road map to guide them to their financial destination so they may live their dreams and enjoy their golden age with money for life solutions.

Our vision at Keybase is to enhance the human connection in the true value of independent advice. Every person's life is unique, special and different. Priorities shift, but rarely do dreams. We provide the key to unlock the door towards your financial journey in creating a personal roadmap in building and preserving personal wealth.Dax Sukhraj, President & CEO


Although the world is becoming increasingly digital, we believe that relationships thrive off of human interaction and interacting with real emotions. We envision a world where people continue dealing with people about their finances but leverage the use of technology to enhance their experience. Money is emotional and not driven by logic. To achieve personalized experiences you must embrace the power of “people”.


Our entrepreneurial mindset fuels our innovation and is a catalyst for our continuous growth. Our business model allows us to be agile and nimble, adapting to change both effectively and efficiently.

Independent Leader

We aspire to be the leading independent mutual fund dealer in Canada. With over 30 years of experience in the Canadian marketplace, we have achieved tremendous growth and have big plans for the future. We hope to be the change agents within our industry and pave the way for independent advisors of the future.

Together, let's make your vision come to light.

It’s about changing lives.